Banjo Workshop 2022

Banjo Workshop Sat. 2/26 12-2pm (CST)

Americana Music Academy is excited to present the second annual Soundbite Banjo Workshop featuring Gina Furtado and Chris Elliot (bios below)! The workshop cost is $50 and every entrant gets one automatic entry into a raffle for a 1983 Stelling Bellflower walnut banjo!! (see raffle details here)

We hope to see you on Saturday 2/26! All entrants will also get a video recording of the workshop so whether you can make it or not a $50 entry gets you a raffle ticket toward a Stelling and recordings of the workshop delivered within one week!

Reach out to with any questions! Buy tickets here

Meet Gina!

Gina is a professional musician, singer, songwriter and was the banjo player for Chris Jones & The Nightriders from 2016 – 2019. Gina is currently touring with her band The Gina Furtado Project.

Gina will be teaching a power class about getting comfortable playing in various keys. No need to back into the shadows of a jam session anymore when somebody calls tunes in keys like D, E or F! This class is geared toward upper beginner and intermediate pickers. 

Meet Chris!

Chris Elliott is an Award-winning Banjo educator and performer in Boulder Colorado. Chris has performed Internationally with bands such as The Blue Canyon Boys, Ragged Union and is an alum of Spring Creek on Rebel Records. He is currently playing in the national touring band Chain Station. Chris has been teaching banjo for over 15 years and has taught banjo camps and workshops around the world. Elliott has studied banjo at South Plains College in Levelland, TX under the instruction of banjo legend Alan Munde. He has also worked closely with Pete Wernick in Colorado as his jam camp assistant and considers both musicians to be important mentors. Chris is a winner of 2007 Telluride and Rocky Grass band competition and is the 2007 Colorado state banjo contest winner. Chris has a passion for teaching banjo and is dedicated to passing the things he has learned onto others.

Known regionally as C-Bob, Chris will discuss how to combine scales with roll patterns to create solos and improvise. He will also talk about how to build and use intervals such as 3rds and 6th in solos and show intermediate players how to map the fretboard to help with lead playing and improvisation. 

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