Americana Music Academy is proud to present a Music Copyright Workshop hosted by Rock N’ Roll Law attorney, songwriter and Americana board Treasurer Jim Jesse. Please join us on Saturday, March 27th at 12:00pm noon CST for this informative workshop with details and the Zoom link below!
The Essentials of Music Copyright Law for Musicians covers the basics of music copyright law, including how to establish and register a copyright for your music, and what is a copyright and how to get one.Attendees will also explore the exclusive rights you get when you have a copyright and what those basic rights mean under federal law. 

Learning objectives—attendees will learn:

—the origins of copyright law and what is a copyright
—the two copyright in every song
—how to register your copyrights and why its important to do so
—what is music publishing and what publishers do
—all the exclusive right s you get with a copyright

—all the revenue streams that songs can generate



Music Copyright Registration

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